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AFG Summer Fishing Report submitted (6/5/2018 6:34 pm)
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Lake Pleasant- This lake has been fishing great in the mornings and at night for stripers.

In the mornings look for birds and schooling fish on the surface in the northern Coves topwater poppers and swimbaits have been the best. As the sun comes up you can switch to fishing for largemouth with a dropshot or a Shaky Head worm. We have been catching them on the new slim shot from Arizona Custom Baits in scooters special and red crawler.

Roosevelt Lake – This might be first in line for the best lake this month as far as numbers and good size fish goes. We have been catching them on topwater, dropshot, and senkos.
It doesnt seem like you have to venture out very deep to get the good bites. Stay within the first 15 feet of depth and be ready to catch some fish.

No reports for Apache Lake.

Canyon Lake- This lake still has fish in it and they are still biting. Seems like they are up chasing bait first thing in the mornings. You can expect to catch them on the ring swimbait from Arizona Custom Baits. As well as jerkbaits and poppers from Livingston Lures.

Saguaro Lake – This lake has been hit or miss. One day we have 10 to 20 fish the next day we have four. Stay up Shallow in the early mornings and late evenings then venture out into the deeper drop offs in the daytime. A dropshot seems to be the most consistent this month.

Bartlett Lake has been good for numbers and occasionally putting out a few big ones. Crankbaits and swimbaits first thing in the morning have been key. Be sure to get there early. As the day warms up slow down with a jig or a Shaky Head in that 10 to 20 foot range and be ready to catch even more fish

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January Fishing Report submitted (1/24/2018 9:01 pm)
Saguaro Lake has been doing pretty well over the last week and hopefully this Cool Trend will push them back down into their winter depths. We have been catching them anywhere from 30 to 50 feet deep on spoons. Half to 3/4 ounce spoons in Chrome and Gold have been the best. We have definitely caught some quality fish on these.

Canyon Lake has slowed up a little bit due to the cold front but we are still able to catch them. The baits that have been bringing us success have been the small ringtail swimbaits from Arizona Custom Baits on a quarter ounce jig head. Along with those, senkos on the Steep walls have been the ticket for those real lethargic fish that dont know if they want to be deep or shallow

Roosevelt Lake is still doing pretty well for numbers but just not the big ones yet. You can catch them deep on spoons targeting the long tapered points. Another bait that has been working is a half ounce jig anywhere from 10 to 30 ft deep. Keep an eye on your graphs and you will catch them.

Lake Pleasant is doing very well with stripers and some quality Largemouth. We have been catching them in 2 to 4 feet on a ChatterBait using an AFG Force trailer by Arizona Custom Baits. You can also catch them deep in 30 to 50 ft on 3/4 to 1 oz spoons. Look for the birds to catch them shallow and watch your graph to catch them deep.

Bartlett is another good Lake to catch plenty of numbers you can catch these fish shallow on a medium diving Livingston lure crankbait or jerkbait. You can also catch them deep with a dropshot or a jig. The bait we have been catching them the most on is the Arizona Custom Baits slim shot in Scooters special.

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Late Fall Fishing Report submitted (11/23/2017 10:01 am)

Late Fall fishing report: Bartlett lake: The fishing has been medium to good with lots of numbers. Some of the bigger fish being caught on top water. Buzz baits and walking baits are the key. As the sun comes up go to soft plastics Texas rig baits and drop shot in 10-15ft.

Apache lake: Apache has been tough but is slowly back on the incline. Your best bet is to try to find schools deep on spoons.

Roosevelt lake: Roosevelt has been fishing well with lots of numbers, but the size has not shown up just yet. The best way to get the biggest bite has been on top water baits. When you are looking for numbers try catching them deep on spoons and soft plastics.

Saguaro and Canyon lake: Saguaro and Canyon are still putting out numbers of big fish. Most of them have been coming out in the deep grass using a drop shot or a shaky head.

Lake Pleasant: This lake has been fishing extremely well. We are catching big numbers of stripers, white bass and largemouth. Some days you can catch them in 40ft or deeper and other days you can catch them in 3ft of less. Half ounce to 1 ounce spoons and Arizona Custom Baits ringed tail swimbaits in Glimmer shad and Scooters Special have been most productive.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Arizona Fishing Guides

Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report submitted (9/1/2017 12:09 am)
Lake Pleasant is a blast right now. The stripers fishing is awesome with lots of topwater action in the morning and up until early afternoon. While fishing the topwater do not be surprised when you catch a largemouth bass as they are being caught in the middle of the striper boils. You can catch a lot at night right now under a black light with anchovies. We have had a few half day trips with over 75 fish.

Bartlett Lake is still doing great lots of fish coming on reaction baits in the day but slowing down at night.

Saguaro Lake, Congratulations to Arizona Fishing Guides Scooter Griffith and Jim Sandy for their Summer Night championship win. They finished out with three five pounders in their bag and were all caught on an Arizona Custom Baits drop shot worm in Scooters Special. The bite during the day is pretty good on frogs then switch to deep diving crankbaits as the sun comes up.

Canyon lake right now the fishing is best up the river. The most productive trips up there are when throwing the Livingston lures New cherrypicker jerkbait.

Fall Fishing is coming, be sure to get your trips booked today

August Fishing Report submitted (8/5/2017 11:05 am)
Saguaro has been good. We are seeing a few fish chasing bait early in the morning when the water is moving. You can catch them on jerkbaits and some topwater. After the reaction bite slows dropshot and shakeyhead have been the best bite in the 10 to 15 feet of water range. When slowing down the Blue Neon shad from Arizona Custom Baits has been the best bait.

Bartlett has been great for numbers and is a great lake for introducing someone to fishing and keeping the kids entertained. Small crankbaits and some topwater early in the morning. Once the sun gets high switch to Texas rigged brush hogs or crawdads to keep the fish biting.

Lake Pleasant, the striper bite has been hit or miss however the Largemouth bite is still pretty consistent. Use a dropshot or senko type bait in the deep trees.

Roosevelt and Apache are still going strong with some topwater first thing in the morning. Once the topwater bite slows look for the birds and start watching your graphs for the deeper schools. Once you find them drop a spoon and get ready for some exciting action.

May Fishing Report submitted (5/30/2017 8:48 pm)
Summer is in full effect here in Arizona along with some of the hottest fishing.

Lake Pleasant is producing some good bags of stripers and white pass along with the occasional trophy Largemouth.

These Fish can be caught on moving baits such as swimbaits hard jerkbaits topwater and Alabama rigs. We have been catching most of our fish in the river or the North coves in 5 to 30 ft.

Bartlett has been showing its true potential in numbers of fish. Lots of boiling fish first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Be sure to break out your favorite top water baits and those baits that you can throw a long ways to reach out the boils that are just out of touch.

Roosevelt Lake i just getting over the spawn which means most of the fish can be caught on senkos and soft jerkbaits around the trees. Do not be afraid to throw top water baits as the occasional topwater fish is always good and rewarding.

Canyon Lake is finishing up with their spawn as well. The Fish can be caught on drop shot and senkos. Most of the fish are on the edge of the flats and around the grass in about 5 to 15 foot of water.

Apache Lake and Saguaro Lake have been showing signs of golden algae. The fishing is still good and will probably remain so as long as we do our part as Anglers. Do not keep fish in your Livewell and transport them around the lake just to take pictures of them later. Just catch them, take a quick picture and release where you caught them. Arizona Game and Fish is doing their part and fixing the problem that we are having. All of us at the Arizona fishing guides have confidence in their programs to help fix our resources for future generations to come.

Be sure to call and book your Fathers Day reservation or buy a gift certificate for that special father in your life.

February Fishing Report submitted (2/19/2017 10:35 am)
With the seasons starting to change, it is time to spring into action and book your guided fishing trip today. Lets kick this fishing report off by going out to Lake Pleasant. Lake Pleasant is fishing a little tougher than normal this time of year. The stripers are there along with the largemouth but seem to be in that transition period of coming out of the deep water and moving into the shallower water. These Fish can be caught on long points and channel breaks.

Our second lake is going to be Bartlett Lake. This lake is always good this time of year however right now with the anticipation of storms over the next week they are letting out a lot of water from Horseshoe and Bartlett Lake and this has the water levels fluctuating . While this is happening it will be a little bit tougher to catch them but look for boulders just under the surface that the sun will start to warm up on those bright sunny days. Throw reaction baits such as chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and small cranks. After that bite, slow down and throw shakeyhead and dropshot.

We will combine Saguaro and Canyon has our third and fourth Lake. These two Lakes typically fish the same. The fish are farther along in the spawning mode than any other lake in in the Phoenix area. They are still not quite spawning yet but are on the move from those 50 and 60 foot depths. A great way to catch these fish is to follow the bait fish and target the active feeders that are feeding up before the spawn.

The last two lakes that we will cover together will be Apache and Roosevelt. Apache is fishing great right now with reaction baits in the morning then slowing down in the afternoon with a jig or dropshot on those days that just do not have any wind. Roosevelt Lake is rising everyday and as it does the fish will move up Shallow and try to get into that warmer water as they also want to spawn. So be sure to target the hard bottoms and flat contours.

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December Fishing Report submitted (12/6/2016 10:19 pm)
Arizona Fishing Guides Fishing Report
Unlike the weather here in Arizona the fishing is really starting to heat up with all of the wintertime patterns. Be sure to give that special outdoorsman or outdoors woman in your family the perfect gift, a trip with the Arizona Fishing Guides. Gift Certificates are available.

Bartlett lake - with a temperature dropping Bartlett Lake still tends to fish pretty shallow. Reaction Bates and a dropshot up close to the bank is typically your best bet. Once the sun rises and is up high fish around the rocks to keep the bites going. If the water is not rising, the muddy water has been the most productive.

Lake Pleasant- the water is rising which tends to push the bait fish back into the northern banks and up into the shallows. Get to the northern banks and throw swimbaits and jerkbaits. We have been getting lucky and still finding a topwater bite. The Largemouth are still going to be a little bit deeper and hanging around some of the rocks, When you find them there throw a shaky head or dropshot to get them into the boat. Arizona Custom Baits makes some of the best dropshot worms for Lake Pleasant.

Apache Lake- If you do not mind the drive, the numbers are there and this lake is fishing great. Smallmouth are being caught on jerkbaits and small swimbaits. The largemouth however, have moved into the deeper waters and into that winter pattern. Fish deep throwing spoons, dropshot and jigs.

Canyon and Saguaro Lake- these two Lakes are fishing about the same and you can always go and throw the big baits first thing in the morning until about mid morning. There is always a chance of catching a giant fish. Sometimes they are few and far between but when you get one it is usually a pretty big one. When you are going for numbers or taking kids fishing, these are the lakes to hit. Some of the most fun fishing we have had this year has been in the last couple of weeks spooning off of deep points that touch the channel and throwing swimbaits with a tiny jig head in deep water. The fish are moving a lot but they are staying together they will either be in 20 to 30 feet of water or 50 to 70 feet of water. Use the graphs to find them.

August Fishing Report submitted (11/5/2016 11:55 pm)
August Fishing Report from The Arizona Fishing Guides

Bartlett lake: The last few weeks has been fishing pretty good with its ups and downs due to weather and water levels. We haven't been catch them very deep, most of our fish have been up shallow within the first 20 ft. The best techniques have been slow moving baits like jigs and Shaky heads.

Lake Pleasant: Lately has been some of the best striper fishing we have enjoyed in the last few years. With some of the biggest stripers as deep as 60 ft. There has been a ton of top water action although it's been a lot of smaller fish however, the occasional 3 pounder has been lurking below the big schools of smaller fish. Topwater and small swimbaits have been the ticket for the smaller ones and the bigger ones have been caught on spoons 1/2 up to 1.5 ounces.

Roosevelt has been pretty quiet the last few weeks with not a lot of action. You can still catch fish on topwater and moving baits in the morning and late evening. After the reaction bite slows a slow moving bait seems to be the best bet.

Apache Lake: This lake has been a bit of a dark horse. The topwater bite has been lots of fun first thing in the morning and up in the river when they are moving water. The bite slows down as the sun comes up and they fish tend to move deeper with the bait fish. When this happens try spoons and deep swimbaits to get those fish to bite.

Saguaro & Canyon: The fishing has slowed down a bit due to pressure and monsoon storms. We have been able to catch them on dropshot, worms and jigs. We are still waiting for that surge of topwater action to start up and that usually happens when the night time temps dip a little.

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August Fishing Report submitted (11/5/2016 11:47 pm)
August Fishing Report from The Arizona Fishing Guides

Bartlett lake: The last few weeks has been fishing pretty good with its ups and downs due to weather and water levels. We haven't been catch them very deep, most of our fish have been up shallow within the first 20 ft. The best techniques have been slow moving baits like jigs and Shaky heads.

Lake Pleasant: Lately has been some of the best striper fishing we have enjoyed in the last few years. With some of the biggest stripers as deep as 60 ft. There has been a ton of top water action although it's been a lot of smaller fish however, the occasional 3 pounder has been lurking below the big schools of smaller fish. Topwater and small swimbaits have been the ticket for the smaller ones and the bigger ones have been caught on spoons 1/2 up to 1.5 ounces.

Roosevelt has been pretty quiet the last few weeks with not a lot of action. You can still catch fish on topwater and moving baits in the morning and late evening. After the reaction bite slows a slow moving bait seems to be the best bet.

Apache Lake: This lake has been a bit of a dark horse. The topwater bite has been lots of fun first thing in the morning and up in the river when they are moving water. The bite slows down as the sun comes up and they fish tend to move deeper with the bait fish. When this happens try spoons and deep swimbaits to get those fish to bite.

Saguaro & Canyon: The fishing has slowed down a bit due to pressure and monsoon storms. We have been able to catch them on dropshot, worms and jigs. We are still waiting for that surge of topwater action to start up and that usually happens when the night time temps dip a little.

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May Fishing Report submitted (5/15/2016 5:29 am)
Lake Pleasant: This lake is going good right now as the stripers are moving up shallow along with the balls of shad. You can catch them on reaction baits, topwater, swimbaits and jerkbaits. The Largemouth are still spawning in some areas and you can catch them by doing some sight fishing. You can also find the Largemouth up around the trees. Try throwing senkos or dropshot to get these fish to bite.

Bartlett Lake: Another hotspot with plenty of numbers to be caught. We have had 30 and 40 fish days. These days are a lot of fun for kids and Anglers alike. Several techniques are putting them in the boat. The most productive patterns have been on topwater, dropshot and Texas rigs up in shallow water in and around the flooded tumble weeds

Saguaro and Canyon: These lakes are back to normal and they are producing some very big bags. We are close to night fishing being ready to explode. There is a big Shad spawn going on on both lakes and you can catch them on reaction baits in the mornings then around 8 or so follow the balls of shad around the lake throwing swimbaits, jerkbaits and and your favorite topwater baits. These have been the most productive baits at both of these lakes.

Roosevelt and Apache Lakes: The spawn is on the tail end and the fish are in the trees guarding fry and starting to feed up for the summer time patterns. Senkos and spinnerbaits are key. Stay shallow and inside of the trees as there is no reason to fishing deep water just yet.

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February/ Early Spring Fishing Report submitted (2/25/2016 5:04 am)
Pleasant.. The lake is filling up and the water is warming as well. The stripers are starting to move a little more shallow as the shad move closer to the bank. You can catch largemouth and stripers in that 10-20 foot range using jerkbaits,and mid range type of swim baits. Check out Oliver at for the best swim baits.

Bartlett... As the lake fills up the bass start to move shallow. The ramp is now in the water and launching is easy. This is one of the best places to get a kid hooked on fishing. Start out with the reaction baits in the morning like spinner baits and crank baits. As the sun comes up start with the slow moving baits like drop shot and Jigs.

Roosevelt.. This beautiful lake is going to be really good in the next few weeks with all of this warm weather. You can still hone in your spooning skills. Lots of fish are still in their winter patterns but are ready to start that transition.

Apache... Seems to be a hit or miss type of lake at this time. One of our very own guides Clifford Pirch just weighed in a tournament bag of five fish of almost 35 pounds. Be ready for the small mouth to start moving shallow and start the spawning process.

Canyon/Saguaro.. These two lakes are always the first to start the spawning process. This is the most important time of year to practice catch and release. Catch the big ones, take a quick picture and get them back in the water.. Get a good pair of polarized glasses and move shallow. Be sure to go to for some of the best bed fishing baits. .

Be sure to get your trip booked soon with the Arizona Fishing Guides. Spots are limited for the next few months.

September Fishing Report submitted (9/21/2015 12:53 pm)
Along with this week's storm comes fall like weather which will put the fish on the move for a better reaction bite.

Saguaro lake is starting to show signs over the last week for great top water explosions and unbelievable reaction strikes. Tie on your favorite walking bait, jerkbait or crankbait and getting ready to catch some fish. These reaction baits have been producing the best results.

Bartlett lake has shown signs of huge numbers with reports of 20-30 fish a day. Best chances for great numbers are: top water poppers, buzz baits and rattle traps. This is the perfect place to go to introduce someone to fishing or to get the kids on a lot of fish.

Canyon lake is slowly showing signs of better daytime fishing vs. night fishing. Your best bet is to try jerkbaits, spinner baits and chatterbaits as they are producing the biggest fish. If you get tired of "chuck and winding" your baits, tie on a dropshot as this is still putting some decent fish in the boat.

Apache/Roosevelt lake has had reports of great fishing for better than average fish. Look for the bait fish to start their migration towards the bank. Throw buzz baits, spinner baits and square bill crankbaits towards the back of long coves.

Lastly, lake Pleasant is showing great action for stripers and largemouth bass. Look for striper boils and throw topwater and swimbaits. With some of the better large mouth being caught on soft jerkbaits.

We are gearing up for a busy fall season be sure to book your trip soon.

August Fishing Report submitted (8/14/2015 1:39 pm)
Fall is right around the corner and so is the some of the best topwater fishing the Arizona lakes have to offer. Don't miss out on that great bite, book your trip today.

Pleasant - If you want to have a blast catching stripers and white bass, get out there in the morning and look for surface activity and the birds, tie on your favorite topwater bait and be ready to catch fish. At mid morning start dropping a spoon around the main lake points. If you do not want to throw a spoon, dropshot has been putting fish in the boat. Target the 10 to 20 foot range in the main lake areas.

Bartlett lake - This continues to be a great place to go especially if you want to introduce someone to fishing or you want to get your kids out and on some fish. First thing in the morning or in the early evening hours, bass are schooling up and biting good with lipless cranks and topwater baits. Once the sun is up and it starts heating up slow down and throw a jig or drop shot. At night the bass love to feed on crawfish. Considering this, a jig at night can be a productive bait at Bartlett and a lot of the other lakes.

Saguaro - This lake continues to produce quality fish. Throw walking baits and poppers early in the morning and late in the afternoon to go after topwater fish. For a consistent bite locate the grass and throw a shaky head worm or drop shot around the grass lines. Some reaction baits (crankbaits and jerkbaits) are also producing around the grass lines. At night make the switch to Texas rig worms or even jigs around the shallow banks.

Canyon - this lake has been producing numbers with some big fish on reaction baits. The key time for these baits is before the sun gets up over the mountains. Once the sun is all the way up target the grass edges with swimbaits and crankbaits. If you want to take a break from casting and reeling throw dropshot around main lake points.

Apache - this lake has been picking up daily. First thing in the morning, you cannot beat throwing topwater up at this amazing lake. During the early afternoon the bass are schooling up and being caught on reaction baits. The night bite at Apache has been the best. Tie on a Texas rig with a big worm and hold on.

Roosevelt - similar to Apache, this lake has been picking up. Have a reaction bait tied on and ready to go as you will see flurries of schooling bass actively feeding through early afternoon. This lake can be a great lake to throw topwater....all day long.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Get Outdoors Expo. We had a blast speaking to everyone.

Mid Summer Fishing Report submitted (7/12/2015 10:58 pm)
Great time of year to book an evening trip. We run our evening trips from 6PM to 10PM, contact us to get your trip booked.

Summer time fishing is here. Lots of big fish are being caught at the great Arizona Lakes.

Saguaro: At first and last light you cant go wrong with having your favorite topwater bait tied on. The big fish will chase shad up into the shallows then move back out to deep water. Target points and flats that have deep water close by. Along with topwater be sure to have a jerkbait or small swimbait tied on. These baits are producing quality fish and will help you catch those stubborn suspended fish. As the day or night progresses slow way down and switch to dropshot or your favorite creature bait on a Carolina rig in the 20 to 25ft range.

Canyon: This is another lake that is producing a lot of quality fish at first light with topwater walking baits or poppers. Target points that have quick access to deep water. A good bait to have tied on with your favorite topwater is a small senko. If your topwater is missed throw a small senko to the area where you were missed and hang on. Similar to Saguaro jerkbaits and small swimbaits are also producing quality fish. Once the reaction bite slows make the switch to throwing Carolina rig, jig or dropshot around rocky points or the flats.

Apache: The hidden gem of Arizona is producing quality fish (Smallmouth and Largemouth) at first and last light. If you are heading up to this great lake make sure you have a topwater popper, small crankbait and a soft jerkbait (fluke) tied on. These baits are doing great up there. Look for the surface activity around the points and hang on as those Apache Smallmouth can get aggressive and are a blast to catch.

Roosevelt: This lake is gearing up to be a great lake again just like back in the day. The smaller fish are very active and can be caught throughout the day on topwater and spinnerbaits. Target the shallow water areas early then move out a little deeper as some quality fish have been caught in the 25ft range on jigs and creature baits. Another great bait to use at this lake this time of year is a lipless crankbait. Cast shallow and reel slowly out to the deep water.

Bartlett: Do you want to get someone excited about bass fishing? Take them to Bartlett and throw a topwater all day long. You will catch a bunch of fish. Look for the surface activity and throw nothing but a topwater bait (Popper/ Small Walking bait or a small crankbait). Good areas are backs of coves and the flats.

Pleasant: This lake can be a lot of fun this time of year. Start in Humbug or Castle creek at first light as these areas have been producing the most surface activity. Small swimbaits and walking baits have been bringing in the Stripers. Typically when you find the Striper boils largemouth will be mixed in. As the surface activity slows switch to dropshot around the trees. If you want to go night fishing, anchovies in and up to 50ft of water has been the ticket.

Night Time Fishing is Picking Up submitted (6/28/2015 1:25 pm)
The night fishing is picking up and now is the perfect time to duck out of work a little early and hit the water with The Arizona Fishing Guides for an evening (6pm to 10pm) trip.

Contact Us on our website or call us at 480-772-8460 to get your evening trip booked.

Saguaro If you get out right before sun up get your favorite topwater bait and start throwing it. Target areas where there is deep water close as the fish will move up, feed and head back out. A similar pattern can be used when the sun starts going down. Once the sun is down make the switch to throwing Texas rig, Carolina rig or your favorite craw type bait. Dark color baits can produce big bites at Saguaro right now. You cant go wrong with focusing on the 15 to 25ft range.

Bartlett Numbers, numbers and more numbers. You may not catch a giant but you will catch a lot of fish throwing reaction baits (crankbaits and topwater) early. This lake is a blast at night. A great bait to use for fishing Bartlett at night is a jig or other type of creature bait. Drag the bait slowly around the flats or rocky areas. The 10 to 20ft range seems to be great area to target. If you are not getting bites on the jig or creature, slow it down with a Texas rig or dropshot.

Canyon The early morning reaction bite (crankbaits and lipless crankbaits) is still putting fish in the boat. The night bite is picking up and there are some Canyon lake giants ready to be caught. Big Texas rig baits and jigs with a big trailer can produce the big bites at night. Target the areas where there is deep water close by. The big fish tend to move up shallow, eat then head back out to deep water. Sit in the deeper water, cast towards the shore and pull the bait slowly back to the boat.

Roosevelt If you are going to Roosevelt dont forget your favorite topwater bait. Topwater is still going strong early morning and in the evening. Once topwater slows slow it down with a Jig. Jigs with Craw trailers are great bait to use at Roosevelt this time of year. Target the rocky areas.

Apache - Great time of year to make the trip to this hidden gem. First thing in the mornings throw your favorite popper or walking baits to catch both largemouth and smallmouth. Once that bite slows make the switch to throwing drop shot or Texas rigged worms or craws. If you find grass target just outside of it.

Pleasant Early in the morning stick to the backs of the coves with your small swimbaits or topwater bait in case the stripers start to boil. The night time striper bite can be a lot of fun. A great night time bait continues to be anchovies.

June Fishing Report submitted (6/16/2015 3:22 pm)
48 hour Fathers Day special: We are currently running a special for a Half day Fishing Adventure. Save $50 when you purchase a half day gift certificate by 12AM on 6/18. . Note: Only 1 purchase per person and valid for Saguaro, Canyon, Pleasant or Bartlett

The Weather is heating up and well, so is the fishing.

Bartlett - If you are looking for numbers, this is the place to go first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Get out your favorite topwater or crank bait and hang on. These baits are producing numbers. This is great place to take kids or someone who you want to get interested in fishing.

Saguaro - Early in the morning there are some quality Saguaro bass being caught on topwater. Once topwater slows down switch to Texas rigged worms and craws in the 10 to 20 foot range. Another bait that is producing is spoons. The largemouth are mixed in with Yellows in the 30 to 50 ft range.

Canyon - The key to increasing your chance at catching some of the quality fish at Canyon is to throw reaction baits (crankbaits, jerkbaits and lipless crankbaits) early in the morning. As it gets later in the morning switch to throwing Carolina rigs.

Apache - Great time of year to make the trip to this hidden gem. First thing in the mornings throw your favorite popper or walking baits to catch both largemouth and smallmouth. Once that bite slows make the switch to throwing drop shot or Texas rigged worms or craws. If you find grass target just outside of it.

Roosevelt - Some quality fish are being caught right now. Topwater baits are working early in the morning and in the afternoon. Once topwater slows slow it down with a Jig. Jigs with Craw trailers are great bait to use at Roosevelt this time of year. Target the rocky areas focusing in the 10 to 20 foot range.

Pleasant - This lake is a blast early in the mornings. Look for the shad boils and throw topwater and small swimbaits in the backs of coves. If you want to go out at night grab some anchovies and get ready to catch a bunch of stripers.

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May Fishing Report submitted (5/18/2015 4:21 pm)
Saguaro..... The fish are starting their transition into a summer pattern as they move out over deeper water look for the schools of bait fish and throw Topwater and little swimbaits.

Pleasant... The stripers are up chasing bait first thing in the morning don't be late or you could miss the entire thing. Throw Topwater and maybe even some small spinner baits.

Bartlett is going strong this time of the year look for fish schooling on the surface in the morning and throw shallow diving crank baits along with Topwater and swimbaits.

Canyon lake is a little slower on its transition and still has fish spawning and guarding fry. Throw the Senko and a drop shot up shallow.

Apache lake is also in the middle of the transition and the smallmouth are up schooling on the surface. Topwater baits can get the smallmouth bass going.

Looks like this week is going to be filled with good fishing and even better weather.

Beat the weekend crowds and book your trip today.

March Fishing Report submitted (3/25/2015 3:27 am)
The only thing better than spring training in the great Arizona weather is the spring bass fishing.

Saguaro lake, sight fishing is the most prominent pattern. Look in the shallow water or staging areas outside the spawning areas. Also try jerk baits and senkos on the points going into the spawning areas as this will spark the interest of the fish.

Canyon lake, seems to be the hidden Jewell right now. With all the pressure on Saguaro lake this lake is putting out some real giants. The fish are spawning at Canyon as well. Look around the flats or any area with hard bottom. Jerkbaits and swimbaits will pull the big females off their beds and get them to react. Another good bait to use right now is a chatterbait. Target areas around the grass lines.

Roosevelt, this lake remains to be tough but the spawning fish are easy to catch when you find the clear water. Senkos and jerkbaits over the deeper flats will put some fish in your boat.

Apache lake, there is some really good fishing going on up at Apache. The fish are on either side of the spawn and can be caught throwing reaction baits across the flats. If you want to target the beds, get up in the shallow water with a good pair of polarized lenses and start looking.

Bartlett lake, the rising water and is making it a little tougher than normal but good fish for Bartlett are being caught. The fish are shallow around the big rocks and deeper flats in the 10-15 ft range. Throw crank baits and deeper spinner baits to get the bass to come off of their deeper beds.

Pleasant, there is some reaction bite going in the early morning hours. If you are targeting stripers throw small swim baits and inline spinners. After that you can still chase the stripers in deep water with spoons and anchovies. The largemouth are in full spawn mode and can be caught sight fishing. Just like with the other lakes, a good pair of polarized lenses is a must if you want to go sight fishing.

If you havent seen some of the great fish our clients have been catching be sure to check out our image gallery or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Just search for Arizona Fishing Guides.

December Fishing Report from The Arizona Fishing Guides submitted (12/30/2014 1:21 pm)
Are you ready to Kick off 2015 with the Ultimate Fishing Experience and the Arizona Fishing Guides? Although the Arizona weather is cooling off, the fishing is heating up. Get your trip booked today and start off the new year with some great memories.

Saguaro Lake: Fishing is picking up and getting better every day. Fish are being caught in the shallow water with jerkbaits (do not forget to pause your retrieve) but if you want numbers of quality fish jigging spoons in 30 to 50 feet of water is the ticket. Use your electronics to locate the bait, start jigging a spoon and hang on as you could get a big fish like we had yesterday. Another option at Saguaro is a big swimbait. Although the big swimbait bite is not consistent you could find some quality fish.

Canyon Lake: Good fish are being caught in the 30 to 50 foot of water range. Locate the long points that lead into the channel and drop your favorite spoon. Another good bait to use this time of year is a dropshot in the 30 foot range. If you want to take a shot at a trophy Canyon is known to produce them this time of year on the big swimbaits. The key with these is you need to commit to throwing them all day. You may not catch one every time but if the timing is right, hang on as you could catch the fish of a lifetime.

Bartlett Lake: This lake is producing some great Bartlett fish in anywhere from 1 to 25 feet of water. Dropshot is always a go to bait on this lake but another couple of baits that are producing some great fish are crankbaits and jigs. Tie on your favorite color and have a blast catching the Bartlett bass.

Lake Pleasant: This lake is a blast if you want to catch stripers or white bass. Get to the back of any cove on the north end of the lake and throw swimbaits. Be sure to keep your favorite top water bait tied on in case you happen to see the shad boils. If you see a boil throw the top water just past it and work the bait back to the boat. This is the place to go if you want to introduce someone to fishing.

Apache Lake: Not a lot of news on this lake right now however some good baits to throw this time of the year are, jerkbaits with long pauses, crankbaits and dropshot. Don't be afraid to throw a big swimbait up here and catch some of those aggressive smallmouth.

Roosevelt Lake: This lake is still on the comeback but some good fish are ready to be caught. Look for the bait fish on your graph in 25 feet plus of water and either drop a spoon or dropshot. A good chance you will catch some yellow bass but where you find those guys you will also find some good largemouth. Other baits to throw at Roosevelt this time of year are crankabits and jigs.

This a good time of year to hit the water and avoid a lot of the lake traffic. Check out our trips page and get your trip booked today.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Fishing Report and Contest Announcement from The Arizona Fishing Guides: submitted (11/12/2014 5:57 am)
Fishing Report and Contest Announcement from The Arizona Fishing Guides:

Saguaro Lake: is just starting with the full fall patterns, you can catch fish shallow or deep. The big schools of bait fish are moving into the deeper water and so are some of the big largemouth. A good bait for those deep fish right now is silver and gold spoons. You can slow it down and catch those fish on Drop shot.

Canyon Lake: This lake is starting to ramp and will be getting better as the days get colder. Look for deep schools of shad and drop a spoon or a slow moving swim bait. Shallow crankbaits are are always good this time of year. I hear some of the big fish are starting to go after the big swimbaits. You may not catch a lot but the chance for that trophy bass is a good possibility.

Apache Lake: Wow, we are so close to this lake blowing up. It is right on the bubble of going off. The jerkbait bite is doing well and when you are ready to slow down, toss out your dropshot and be ready for a few quality Apache Bass.

Roosevelt: This lake still has a few fish eating top water when the sun gets up nice and high. The secondary pattern seems to be spooning in about 25-40 feet with gold or silver spoons depending on the clarity of the water.

Bartlett Lake: This lake is still one of the best lakes we have right now when it comes to numbers of fish. The lipless crankbaits were working best the last trip we had there but it didn't keep us from throwing a buzz bait around in the afternoon. We hooked up with some of our biggest bass of the day when we started that afternoon buzzbait..

Lake Pleasant: Stripers, stripers and more stripers. This lake is really starting to get good when it comes to stripers. Use your graphs to find the giant schools of baitfish and stipers. Throw small swimbaits and drop spoons though the giant schools of baitfish and hang on. The morning seems to be the deal when it comes to the largemouth bass. Try throwing poppers and skinny dippers to catch those morning largemouth.

Contest Announcement: Who wants to take a shot at winning the best flashlight on the market and some great products from Fan Grabber? Thats right, we are running a contest between 11/12 and 11/16 and we will be giving out a Rigid Industries Halo, charger, hat and shirts from Fan Grabber and yours truly, The Arizona Fishing Guides. OK, if that wasnt enough to get your attention we are also running a Pre-Holiday special on Half and full day trips. Go to to get the details.

Fall Fishing Continues submitted (10/22/2014 5:04 am)
The weather and water temperatures are dropping and the fishing is heating up! Lots of big fish are being caught right now. Be sure to get your trips booked and get out on the water with the Arizona Fishing Guides. Gift Certificates are available!

Saguaro Lake: Wow, this lake is doing great right now. The big fish are definitely in feeding mode. Early in the morning throw your favorite top water baits around points and in the shallow water where you have access to deep water close by. As the sun comes up keep you eye on the graphs and when you see the bait fish start throwing spoons into the bait fish. As mentioned in the last report, the swimbait bite is working and it continues. The key is to throw the small swimbaits in the areas where you see the bait fish. This will entice the suspended fish to bite. If you prefer to flip creature type baits, have at it. Target the cliff walls and be ready to set the hook.

Apache Lake: Good numbers and quality fish continue to be caught. Throw a buzzbait early targeting the points and areas with deep water close by. Remember, bass love to chase bait fish up into the shallows. Another good bite, is a jerkbait, both soft and hard jerkbaits are getting it done. Since the fish are in feeding mode - dont forget the swimbaits.

Roosevelt: This lake is continuing to bounce back. Plenty of fish are being caught on topwater early and periodically throughout the day. Similar to Apache, the jerkbait bite is producing. Target the shallow water in the morning then move out a little deeper as the sun continues to come up.

Bartlett: If you want to get out and catch a lot of fish, this is the lake. Perfect place to take the kids to keep them interested. Tie on your favorite topwater and spinnerbait early and hang on. Lots of quality Bartlett bass are being caught. This is another lake that is producing on the jerkbaits. Target the coves and points.

Pleasant: Want to catch stripers? The shad boils are in full swing. Keep your favorite top water bait handy and throw it around the shad boils. Largemouth and Stripers are chasing the shad. If you are fishing around trees and timber, throw a buzzbait. Dont be afraid to bump it off the trees. As the day warms up boils will start to slow down and when they do, start throwing a spoon. Look for the balls of bait fish and drop the spoon into them.

Upcoming Events:
The Arizona Fishing Guides along with some others you may have heard of, Johnny Johnson, Matt Shura, and a lot more will be at the IronMen Sportsman Expo on November 1st. This event will run from 3PM to 10PM at the Living Word Bible Church in Mesa. This is a free event with fishing demos, booths, and raffles. Go to for more information

Arizona Fishing Guides Report: Fall Fishing is Here! submitted (10/1/2014 3:27 am)
The Fall Fishing season is here and the fish know it is time to start feeding up.

Now is the perfect time to get your trip booked and get out and enjoy the great Arizona lakes and quality fishing with The Arizona Fishing Guides!

Saguaro: The early morning top water bite is picking up. Once surface activity slows use your graphs to find the balls of bait fish. Once you see them cast your baits around the bait fish and hold on as where you see the bait fish you will find some quality suspended Bass.

Canyon: The fish clearly are in full fall feeding mode! They are chasing the bait fish throughout the entire day and that means....small swimbaits and your favorite top water bait all day long.

Bartlett: Fishing is good with lots of fish chasing bait fish. Match the hatch and throw shad colored worms on a drop shot or throw nickel /chrome spoons around the points.

Pleasant: The striper and largemouth bite is going well. Spoons and swimbaits are working for both stripers and largemouth. Quality Pleasant largemouth are being caught on a buzz bait. Dont be afraid to throw it all day long. If you haven't seen, our guide Jason caught a giant 28lb striper out at Pleasant. Want to shoot for a giant striper? Give us a call and book a Pleasant trip.

Roosevelt: It is great to see this lake in full fall swing. Fish are up in the shallows and suspended over deep water. Top water and other reaction baits are getting the job done.

Apache: Early in the morning those aggressive smallmouth bass are out chasing bait with a lot of largemouth. Target the points early and the steep banks as the day goes on.

With the great Fall Fishing here we are making Ultimate Fishing Adventure Gift Certificates available again. Be sure to contact us from the site or give us a call to learn how to order one.

Arizona Fishing Guides report submitted (8/16/2014 9:09 pm)
we are nearing the end of summer and the fishing is getting better and better.

Saguaro Lake remains to be one of my favorite lakes in the state. You can catch them on some top water baits and also when the sun comes up slow down and use a drop shot or a light Carolina rig.

Bartlett lake is still fun and producing some good numbers of fish the water has stabilized form all the water they were putting in it and the fish seem to be settling in and starting to eat a little more. Use some crank baits and top water here in the early mornings and early evenings. The middle of the day slow down and use jigs and a drop shot for the slower bites..

Roosevelt lake is starting to show some sign of life again and is soon to one of the best fisheries again in the state.

Apache lake is really doing well this time of year the early mornings and evenings are the best with good numbers and good size fish.. Reaction early then slow down with the plastics on the end of flats. Look for fish chasing bait and cast into them immediately for the best luck..

Lake pleasant is really producing the numbers of stripers during the night under lights with live bait or anchovies if that is the way you like to fish have fun.. If the reaction bite is more your style start early and look for the fish chasing the shad around bring some binoculars and keep your eyes open..

We have started a instagram account and are loading pictures from our trips daily on the site. Be sure to take advantage of our Aug special time is running out.

Arizona fishing guides report submitted (4/30/2014 1:09 am)
Summer is just around the corner and the weather is heating up.

Saguaro lake is still slowly producing big fish. Most of the spawn is done but you can still find some guarding the beds like their life depends on it. Senkos are working for fish that are guarding fry also some fish are out chasing bai tin the morning topwater and swim baits are the ticket for these fish.. What a great spawn we had at this lake and I am already gearing up for next year.

Bartlett Lake is very low right now but is starting to fill up quickly I have heard that the main ramp will be back in the water soon. Fishing here is pretty good and fish can be caught on a drop shot or dragging a jig on long points. The reaction bite can be good on some mornings but seems to go away pretty quick..

Roosevelt still has fish on beds and when the wind is not blowing get up in the shallow water and look around for the beds.

Apache lake was and still is fishing pretty good the smallmouth had a great spawn and would eat just about anything you threw at them while in the bed. Now its time to start looking for them to eat some reaction baits like top water and maybe some Jerk baits.

Lake Pleasant is super clear and one of the best places to sight fish for the beginners. The river has opened early due to the eagles not doing their thing and all of the fish up there haven't seen a bait in months. senkos and a drop shot around the tress is about the best thing going for the l largemouth. The stripers are still a little deep and can be caught on anchovies and live shad..

We have been adding lots of pictures to our photo gallery along with lots of videos to the site as well.
Keep a eye out for our Mother's and Father's day specials..

Arizona Fishing Report submitted (2/27/2014 11:03 am)
From the Bassmaster classic to the classic big bass that are being caught in our Arizona lakes we have it all this time of year.

Saguaro Lake can be described in three words HOLY BIG BASS!! The fish are already feeling the need for the spawn and are moving into the shallow water. You can catch them sight fishing or just throwing a senko around the spawning flats.

Bartlett lake is also starting to show signs of spring fishing we are starting too see good numbers of bigger than average Bartlett size fish. You can catch them on reaction type of baits like cranks and spinner baits or slow down and fish in the 5-15 ft range with jigs and a drop shot.

Canyon lake just had its last trout stocking of the year I believe and the bass seem to know it. You can catch these big bruisers on trout swim baits and big jerk baits.

Roosevelt lake should really hit its stride here in the next few weeks or maybe around the next full moon. The water temps are starting to rise and that should help the spring fishing. Until then use spoons and jigs off of long prespawn points.

Apache lake is really starting to turn on we have had a few trips out there over the last two weeks and have had some great numbers of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Inline spinners and jerk baits seem to be the ticket at this point.

Lake pleasant is still going strong this time of year look for birds and shad to find the stripers. The morning and late evenings seem to be the best this time of year and look for the activity to be in the back of all the major arms.

A huge congrats to all the AZ anglers that competed in the Bassmaster Classic this past weekend but especially two of our very own guides Clifford Pirch and of course Josh Bertrand. The classic is the superbowl of bass fishing just to get there is a huge accomplishment and we cant say enough about how proud of these two great anglers we are.
Josh will be at Bass Pro this weekend talking about spring fishing and his experience in Alabama.

Trips are booking fast don't forget to get yours on the books today.

Arizona Fishing Report submitted (1/13/2014 8:07 pm)
The beginning of the new year brings good fishing and great weather..

Saguaro lake has been fun fishing with lots of yellow bass being caught on spoons deep, with the mixture of big trophy bass and some really nice catfish that makes it fun for kids and adults alike. We are also starting to catch them on some slow moving plastics.

Bartlett lake is proving to be a fun lake as well with some of the bigger fish coming on spinner baits slow rolled in 15-20 feet of water.

Canyon lake is one of the prettiest lakes we have in our state and the fish that have been coming out of there are just as pretty. Throw those big swim baits for the biggest bass in the lake. Also the drop shot should still entice some nice large mouth.

Roosevelt lake is not producing the crappie that we are use to but the bass are still biting on spoons deep along with drop shot and shaky heads.

Apache lake has some really nice small mouth and large mouth being caught on big swim baits and finesse worms on the tougher days. Always be ready with that medium diving crank bait this time of year.

Lake Pleasant is PLEASANT this time of year we have had a handful of days out there the past few weeks with 20-30 fish days. One thing about this place is that it is a crap shoot as far as morning or afternoon trips you never know which one is going to be the best so pick the time and just go for it..

We have a lot of new things coming this year as far some of our guides going to the bassmaster classic (JOSH BERTRAND,,CLIFFORD PIRCH).. Also lots of new things are in the works for our website with all of our you tube videos from just out fishing with the kids to all of our shows with Johnny Johnson.

Be sure to book your trip today.

Arizona fishing report submitted (12/17/2013 6:11 am)
I hope SANTA is going to bring his fishing pole cause the fishing is heating up.

Saguaro is still pumping out the big ones mostly on spoons and big reaction baits. You should remember it is not for the faint of heart and it can bring some of the most experienced fisherman to their knees but one big one and you forget it all.

Canyon lake is doing well also seems to be best right after the stocking of the trout but you can still coax the non trout eaters into eating a jerk bait.

Bartlett lake is starting to unload a few bigger than normal fish. You can catch these guys using a heavier spinner bait down in the channel bends up in the river end, or flipping jigs around shallow boulders.

Roosevelt lake is not quite back to its normal fishing it is still pretty good by any Arizona lake standards. Spoons and big jigs can be used to catch most of them just look for the bait balls on your fishing graph.

Apache lake is always good this time of year some really nice small mouth can be caught on jerk baits and small shakey head worms and small jigs.

Lake Pleasant is also doing very well, this is the time of the year that the water is rising and all the fish like to eat shad shallow. Keep your eyes open for boils and always be looking for the birds they are like me always hungry...

Book your guided fishing trip today..

Arizona Fishing Report submitted (11/14/2013 3:56 am)
While it is snowing in other parts of the US today, and the holidays are approaching we are experiencing awesome fall weather for fishing!

After the first stocking of rainbow trout at Saguaro Lake; trophy bass are being caught on large trout imitation swim baits. Greater numbers of fish are being caught on spoons in 40-60 feet of water and Jerk Baits on 45 degree banks.

Canyon has had some reports of trophy bass being caught on large trout imitation swim baits as well.

As the water rises at Lake Pleasant; stripers, whites & large mouth bass are all being caught on small swim baits and spoons. Swim baits in 10 feet or less and spoons in 30 feet or deeper. heads to back of the arms at the water rises.

Bartlett is still producing good numbers of fish on jigs, crank baits and some top water. Watch your graph while going over trees to find some of the best croppy fishing we
have seen!

Fishing at Roosevelt seems to be better on the shallow side, however you can find fish in the 40-60 foot range with spoons and a drop shot.

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Arizona Fishing Report submitted (10/17/2013 10:37 pm)
They might be able to shut down the Government but they cant shut down the fish..

Saguaro is still kicking out some big bass on small cranks and even smaller Jerkbaits. After paying over 200.00 to launch a boat over the last few days we found out that the fish were none the wiser about the lake being closed. A couple of days out this week were littered with yellows and four to five pound largemouth..

Bartlett is making a good transition into the fall patterns you can catch these fish by flipping small jigs and running cranbaits shallow.

Lake Pleasant is starting to show signs of good life the whites and stripers are eating small swim baits. Some good numbers of largemouth bass are being caught on drop shot on some of the humps and long points.

Canyon lake is about the same as saguaro but it seems like you might not catch the numbers, the fish caught are good ones for sure. We cant wait for the swim bait bite to turn on there it should be fun..

Roosevelt is finally getting good again the numbers are way from last month although the size isn't what we are use to from years past it is a lot of fun to fish in this beautiful lake.

Give us a call or send us a email today to book your fall fishing trip..

Arizona fishing guides report submitted (9/26/2013 3:33 am)
Fall might be in the air but one thing that is not falling is the numbers of bass we are catching on our trips.

Saguaro is starting to get fired up for some of the fall patterns like Topwater all day and some swim baits are making these fish go nuts. We have had some fish come on a spinner bait as well.

Bartlett is as usual putting out good numbers of smaller sized fish but still fun for the family outings and kids. Use a drop shot and maybe some shallow cranks to get the numbers up. Be sure to listen for the bass busting shad on top and throw those walking baits as far as you can at them.

Pleasant is ramping up for the fall as well stripers and whites are eating little swim baits in and under the boils. The largemouth bass seem to be eating the bigger dippers and walking baits mixed in with the stripers and whites.

Canyon is still going steady with a few bigger fish being caught in the night. During the day use small cranks and maybe a buzz bait to entice those big ones to eat and maybe even splash you at the side of the boat. (Almost gave me a heart attack).

Roosevelt seems to be a little slower than usual with most of our fish coming on a slow rolled spinner bait.

Arizona fishing guides report submitted (8/11/2013 9:57 pm)
The monsoons seem to be slowing down but not the bass fishing that's for sure.
Saguaro lake is still producing some of the biggest bass in our state. They can be caught during the morning hours on reaction type baits and in the evening to late night on slow moving plastics. The last night tournament was won with around 27 pounds on five fish. Our summer special is running out but remember you can do evening trips after work also give us a call and we will get you all set up.

Canyon is still pumping out good numbers and some good size as always the report seems to be the same as Saguaro with the night time bite not being as good.

Bartlett is still good for numbers of fish the size isn't as good as other lakes but the excitement of catching fish is still there. This place is good for kids and the beginner level seems like the fish are a little easier to catch or maybe its cause we can use different techniques to catch them.

Don't forget we still have hats and shirts available drop us a email and lets see if we can get you outfitted with some custom shirts and hats..

I hope we didn't miss anything, feel free to send us some stories or your own reports of the fishing adventures you have had over the summer.
send them to

Arizona Fishing Guides Report submitted (7/25/2013 9:56 pm)
When we have over 315 days of sun, the mornings and early evenings have been a nice change of pace from the norm with the monsoon season in full swing.

Saguaro lake has been giving up some giant bass with the last few night tournaments producing lots of bags with 5 fish limits over 20 pounds. In the mornings most fish have been caught on top water poppers, soft jerk baits and drop shot as the sun comes up. There is still time to take advantage of our summer special trips please call or email for details or to book your trip today..

Bartlett Lake is full of active fish these days with most of them being caught on reaction baits like crankbaits and spinner baits. Most of the bigger fish have been caught using Jigs and shakey heads.

Canyon is starting to produce some good numbers like the old days, most fish being caught on Jerk baits. Some of the bigger fish have been caught by throwing a drop shot on the steep walls.

Remember for all your AFG apparel (Hats,Shirts,Stickers) give us a call or drop us a email.

Arizona Fishin Guides Report submitted (6/28/2013 6:27 pm)
The only thing better than a big tall glass of Iced tea on a 115 degree day is a early morning trip with the Arizona Fishing Guides casting towards busting large mouth bass.

Saguaro lake is still putting out good fish and good numbers, the fish are chasing bait in the early hours slowing down during the afternoon and picking up again in the early evening. You can catch them on a top water or a 1/2 oz spoon. For the kids you can drop a spoon down in the 30-40 foot range and have lots of action with the yellow bass.

Bartlett is also good for numbers this time of year early morning is good for busting bass. You can catch fish on numerous types of reaction baits such as swim baits and rattle traps. The nigh bite has been good at Bartlett as well with lots of fish being caught on a drop shot.

Canyon lake has been putting out some good numbers on reaction baits in the morning. Look for the fish to be chasing bait.

Be sure to keep a eye out for the Bighorn sheep they are starting their rut soon and can be seen looking out off the edge of the steep canyon walls.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report submitted (5/16/2013 9:44 pm)
Our Arizona Lakes are heating up, literally. Most of our local bass have finished spawning, and are beginning to feed heavily on shad as the water warms. For those that enjoy a good top water bite (that should be every bass angler), here is where it begins.

Saguaro Lake has been giving our guides a good workout this week. The fish have been slightly tricky as they transition out of the spawn, but when we have cracked the nut, we have been nailing some giant bass. Early in the morning, the topwater and scrounger head bite has been good. After the early flurry, we have been getting the majority of our bites fishing slow with a dropshot or Carolina rig.

Canyon Lake is holding the last of the good spawning bass of the season. Being the steepest and sometimes clearest lake on the Salt River Chain, these bass often spawn later in the season than on neighboring lakes. If you are still hunting for a big bedding bass, ask us about fishing Canyon Lake.

Bartlett Lake is good for numbers as always. Reaction baits in the morning are pulling in bass around the shad spawn on shallow banks. Later in the day, it has been tough to beat a dropshot rig or jig fished around rocky structure.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report submitted (4/3/2013 2:02 am)
Here at The Arizona Fishing Guides we are knee deep in the spawn. Great weather and good fishing... The perfect situation for a great experience on the lake.

Saguaro Lake is pumping out a good amount of big fish. We are catching them both sight fishing and blind casting with a mixture of soft plastics and reaction baits. Whacky rigged senko's have accounted for more big fish than anything else.

Apache lake is the hottest lake in central arizona. The senko bite has been excellent for the larger than average fish. On a recent guide trip, Andy Sloan of Canada nailed a 10.5 lb. Apache Lake largemouth while fishing with Rob.

Bartlett is good as always for numbers. Small swimbaits and spinnerbaits are picking up most of the fish on this Verde River reservour.

If you are after table fare, Lake Pleasant is fixing to bust wide open for stripers. The flows at the dam have slowed, and the stripers are beginning to spawn on the main lake. Please call us for updated info on the striper bite.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 2/28 submitted (2/28/2013 5:37 pm)
We are on the cusp of all of our fisheries breaking wide open with spawning fish. Most of our lakes are just a week or two away.. At the moment, we are stacking up on some nice fat prespawn bass.

Saguaro Lake is picking up more and more every week. This week, we hooked into several Saguaro bass over 5 pounds including two that was close to 8. Dropshot rigs, senkos, and jerkbaits are all working out here. We are focusing on areas just outside the spawning bays, were the prespawners will hold until it is time to spawn.

Apache Lake is producing to football sized bass on our trips to this scenic locale. Dropshot rigs, jerkbaits, and crankbaits fished on primary and secondary points are all working. Banks with flatter gravel and small rock seem to be the key for the smallmouth.

Lake Pleasant has been hit or miss over the past two weeks. We've had a couple really good days catching schooling bass back in the creeks, and also a couple tougher days where the fish never seemed to come up. The great thing about pleasant is there is always a chance for a banner day.. Don't count it out if you are looking for numbers and don't mind taking a chance..

Lake Roosevelt has still been a little tough with the water running in on both ends, but we are hoping it will be on fire within a few weeks. We'll keep you all posted!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 2/12 submitted (2/12/2013 4:38 pm)
Our sonoran fisheries have been blessed with some great rain over the past few weeks, catapulting the water level's higher every day. This is something we love to see, as it will make the 2013 fishing season even better with so many new nutrients in the water.

Saguaro Lake is finally starting to pick up with some good fish being caught this week. These big bass are moving into pre spawn areas, where they are predictable as to where they hide out. Dropshot rigs, Carolina rigs, and Alabama are all taking some nice bass out of these areas.

Lake Pleasant has still been a very good bet for white bass and striper fishing. However, the largemouth bite has slowed a little bit. The backs of the northern creeks are producing the best numbers, specifically in the afternoon.

Lake Roosevelt has seen a large influx of water from a combination of rain runoff and snow melt up north. As the spring continues, watch this lake to rise even higher. If the water level gets to where we hope it does, this lake may go absolutely nuts this spring with great fishing.. Our fingers are crossed!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 1/22 submitted (1/22/2013 8:53 pm)
After ringing in the new year with some cooler than average temperatures, we are back to our normal sunny winter season. While fishing is known to be slightly more challenging this time of year, our clients have had some very nice catches as of late.

Currently, the hottest thing going is Lake Pleasant. Lake Pleasant is a host to "Northern Strain" Largemouth bass, White Bass, and Striped Bass. Whites and stripers along with northern strain largemouth (compared to Florida Strain) are known to be more aggresive than their counterparts in cooler water. After our previous front, the fishing has only gotten better on Lake Pleasant. Afternoons have been our best time to fish, with the fish hitting shallow on small swimbaits, crankbaits, and soft jerkbaits.

Bartlett Lake has been a consistent bet for largemouth. We are picking up most of our fish on smaller craw imitations fished slowly along the bottom. Key rocky areas seem to be producing best. Look for northern facing banks that recieve sunlight all day. The rocks on these banks will hold heat which attracts the bass.

Saguaro Lake has been fishing somewhat up and down. The fish we are catching have been good quality, while the numbers are not quite as high as we are used to. To have a chance at a banner day on the water here, fishing deep with jigging spoons is a good bet. For a more conservative approach, fishing 10-25 ft with a dropshot rig will bring some bites throughout the day.

Arizona fishing Guides Report 12/4 submitted (12/4/2012 10:22 pm)
As the cool water fishing begins here in Central Arizona, we are able to utilize some very specialized techniques to target these Holiday season bass.

For the advanced anglers in the crowd, this is arguably your best season for a 10+ pound bass on our Salt River Chain lakes; Saguaro and Canyon. These two lakes are being stocked monthly with trout, and the biggest bass roaming these fisheries are tuned in to eating these tasty treats. We have been catching our best swimbait fish on trout imitation wooden topwater baits shortly following the stockings. After the trout have dispersed, our best action is coming on deeper soft plastic trout swimbaits. If swimbait fishing isn't your thing, we are also catching numbers of fish (mixed bag of largemouth and yellow bass) on jigging spoons, jerkbaits, and dropshot rigs on these two fisheries.

Lake Pleasant is also one of our favorite winter lakes to fish. In early mornings and afternoons, the shad will show up in the backs of the major creek arms and are followed by schools of largemouth, stripers, and white bass. These schooling fish can be a blast to catch on small crankbaits, swimbaits, and even saltwater flies.

Give us a call and set up your holiday fishing trip today!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 10/30 submitted (10/31/2012 1:39 am)
The crisp nights have dropped the surface temperatures and we are in full swing of the fall season.

Saguaro lake has been somewhat up and down over the past week. We have had a few excellent mornings with topwaters and spoons. The big key is timing the fish as they decide to eat, otherwise you could be in for a somewhat slow day. The jerkbait bite is solid through the day, and a good way to get consistent bites.

Bartlett Lake is still a good bet for consistent action. Dropshot rigs and jigs are taking numbers of fish deep. If you are looking for a better than average fish, the shallow grassy coves are also pumping out some topwater and swimbait fish.

Lake Pleasant has been steadily improving as the water level has dropped this fall. The topwater bite is good through the day for both largemouth and stripers. Small topwater walking baits and swimbaits fished near schools of baitfish have been the best producers.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 10/11 submitted (10/11/2012 10:03 pm)
80 Degree days and excellent fishing. We are feeling the fall, and the bass are biting.

Saguaro Lake is producing some big fish on topwater. Early in the morning, you have the choice of chasing after one or two big fish on a big topwater, or chasing surface boils for numbers of bass. As the sun rises, small crankbaits and jerkbaits are taking bass on rocky shoreline. As usual, the dropshot rig is also producing bass.

Canyon lake has turned on for numbers recently. Jerkbaits fished on windy banks with boulders are yielding some nice fish. The top producing jerkbait is the lucky craft 78DD pointer.

Bartlett lake is as hot as we have seen it in some time. The water has recently risen, leaving lots of shallow cover for the bass to hide in. Topwater poppers, buzzbaits, crankbaits, and small swimbaits are taking the bass out of these shallow pockets. As the shallow bite slows later in the morning, we are switching to dropshot rigs on dropoffs later in the day. The morning bite on this lake has been significantly better than the afternoon bite.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 9/17 submitted (9/17/2012 11:00 pm)
As the weather is starting to cool down, we are sitting in the summer/fall transition at The Arizona Fishing Guides. This time of year can translate in to either great or very difficult fishing. The bass tend to school up and move either very shallow or very deep. If you are lucky enough to run into a school of active September bass, you are in for a great time with topwater.

Saguaro Lake has been somewhat sporadic, but on our better days this week, we have hit some very aggressive surface boils and had good success with topwater. The key right now is picking areas that have numerous baitfish, and waiting for the largemouth to attack them through the morning.

Bartlett lake has been the consistent bet for catching bass this month, although the size isn't quite what you will see at saguaro. Topwater baits have also been very productive here. Find the baitfish, and you will find the bass. Smaller topwaters have been producing better as the threadfin shad on the surface have been quite small.

The stripers continue to bite deep at lake Pleasant. If you are able to get out very early, you may get into some surface boil action for the first 30-45 minutes of daylight. After the boils have settled, we are catching most of our bigger stripers in 70-80 ft of water.

Arizona fishing Guides Report 8/23 submitted (8/23/2012 12:27 pm)
Arizona's famous evening monsoons have led to cooler mornings on the lake, just what we like to see.. As usual, the fish are still biting.

Saguaro Lake is still our top producer. While we haven't had many 25-30 fish mornings like we did in June and July, the fishing is still consistent and we are getting our share of 5+ pound fish. The early morning fish are being caught shallower, on topwaters and jerkbaits. After the sun is high, fishing the shaded walls has been the ticket for big bass with plastics.

Canyon Lake is still producing some good fish throught the day. Most of our best bass here are also coming off shaded walls. A dropshot rig with a light weight has been the key to getting bit.

Lake Pleasant continues to be hit or miss with topwater. We've had a few good mornings where the surface action will last a couple hours, but also a few mornings where it seems non existant.

The fall is not too far off, if you are looking to book a specific date, make sure to call early and get it reserved.

Arizona fishing Guides Report 7/30 submitted (8/1/2012 2:00 am)
We are past the midway point of the summer, and fishing continues to stay hot on most of our local fisheries.

Saguaro Lake has been extremely productive during the early morning hours. The bass are on a heavy feeding frenzy for the first couple hours of daylight, where they can be caught on topwaters, jerkbaits, and big spoons. This early morning flurry is also followed by a good plastics bite on shady walls later in the morning and leading into the evening.

Canyon lake has also been a good bet for quality bass lately. Early in the mornings, flatter areas with boulders are producing some big fish on topwater poppers. As the sun rises, we are focuses on steeper canyon walls with shade and doing most of the damage with dropshot rigged brown and green worms.

While the water level is still low, Bartlett is still producing consistent numbers of bass. These fish are keying in on both shad and crawfish, so there are a number of different baits you can use to catch them.

If you are looking to get out of the heat, we have a few nice options up north right now. Long Lake has been a big time producer for big pike so far this summer. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jerkbaits are fooling these toothy critters.

We are also catching some nice rainbow trout up north on becker lake with the fly rod. Make sure to call and ask about our white mountains trips if you are looking for a great fly fishing trip!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 6/17 submitted (6/17/2012 5:40 pm)
Swimsuits and big bass.... A great recipe for a good time in the summer! Our Central Arizona waters are living up to their potential right now, and everyone is heading out to the lake.

Saguaro Lake is still our top producer. Topwater walking baits, scrounger heads, and weightless soft jerkbaits are all taking some nice fish before the sun gets too high in the early morning. After the sun crawls over the mountains, the fish head to their offshore structure spots where we can catch them on dropshot rigs. The top producing colors on the dropshot have been bright colored 4" and 6" roboworms.

Bartlett and Roosevelt are still producing good numbers. The great thing about these lakes, is the topwater can often last all day this time of year due to the smaller amount of boat traffic they recieve. Don't be afraid to throw that walking bait or popper all day on these lakes for a chance at a big fish.

Lake Pleasant has hit its stride for stripers and whites, they are feeding on both the surface, and in deep water. Early in the morning, we are catching them out of surface boils on topwaters and small swimbaits. When the sun is high, the deeper bite has remained strong, with the fish holding on points in 30-45 ft of water.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 5/26/12 submitted (5/27/2012 12:03 am)
The summer bite is kicking in here in Central Arizona. As the water temps continue to rise, we see the bass becoming more and more active to keep up with their fast metabolism this time of year.

Saguaro Lake is starting to shape into the form it was in last summer. We are catching some nice bass on shad imitation baits early in the morning. The key to this in finding the baitfish, and using baits that closely resemble the size and action of the shad. Our best producer right now, is a scrounger head jighead, tipped with a white ice Zoom Fluke. Later in the day the schools of fish are holding on their typical summer spots, where you can catch them on dropshot rigs, and spoons.

Canyon lake is the last lake with spawning fish left here in Central AZ. If you are looking for one last chance at a big sight fish this year, ask us about Canyon Lake. On a trip last week, we fished for three fish over seven pounds in just four hours.

Bartlett and Roosevelt are still great lakes for numbers. If you are able to find a cooler day, both of these lakes are great bets for a full day trip. On a normal warm AZ summer day, we suggest a half day either in the morning or evening.

Lake Pleasant is pumping out large numbers of striped bass. We are getting most of our fish on cut anchovies out here, but the topwater bite is starting to happen.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 5/8/12 submitted (5/10/2012 10:44 pm)
An extra week of cooler weather was well welcomed by the Arizona Fishing Guides. A couple of nice overcast days, and some great fishing were on the menu this past well.

Saguaro Lake produced a 10+ pound largemouth for one of our favorite customers, Scott Philbien (photo can be seen the in gallery). Scott was fishing with guide Rob Vanderkooi, and caught the giant while sight fishing. Overall, we have not seen much of a fall off in action out here as most of these fish move off of there spawning beds. Most of our post spawn and summer areas are loading up with bass. Main and secondary points, and ledges off large flats are producing most of our fish. The topwater bite is also producing some fish in the early morning as the bass chase shad.

Canyon lake is producing some big sight fish. The deep, clear water allows these fish to bed later in the season than most other lakes.

Bartlett Lake has not slowed at all, and seems to be getting better in the way of catching numbers of bass. The shad are up spawning, and the bass are hot on their tails chasing them all over the lake. Small topwaters, crankbaits, and jerkbaits are working well around the shad. Dropshot rigs and jigs are also picking up quite a few fish during the midday hours.

Roosevelt Lake is looking very healthy. A large tournament was held here last weekend, and all but one team weighed limits of bass every day. Most of our fish out here are biting shallow, on jerkbaits, crankbaits and small swimbaits.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 5/1/12 submitted (5/1/2012 6:54 pm)
As we creep into the summer months, these central Arizona bass are still in their spring patterns. We are still enjoying some nice temps, and good fishing. If you are looking for a full day trip, I would suggest booking soon. After May, we recommend doing half day trips either at first light or in the evening.

Saguaro is surprisingly still producing some really nice sight fish. These fish have been up for the long time, and just keep coming up This past week, our guides are mentioning that they are shocked with the numbers of big fish still staying shallow to spawn.

Canyon lake, quietly, is likely your best shot at a double digit bass right now. This lake receives less fishing pressure than our other lakes around the valley, and has some giant bass cruising the shallows right now. When the sun is out, sight fishing is the way to go. When conditions are windy or overcast, we are catching some nice bass on crankbaits and jerkbaits around rocky banks.

Bartlett lake continues to be the best place for numbers. We are sticking shallow, catching these bass on senkos, cranks, jigs, and spinnerbaits.

Roosevelt and Apache are both fishing well, and are definitely worth the drive to the more hardcore fisherman in this crowd. At both lakes, the reaction bite has been the way to go. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits up shallow have been the main producers.

The stripers on Lake Pleasant are as consistent as they have been all spring. 40-80 ft of water on the main lake has been where we are finding most of them. Within a month or so, look for them to start moving shallow and chasing bait on the surface. This means only one thing.topwater season is around the corner.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 4/18/12 submitted (4/19/2012 1:49 am)
The spring fishing is still in full swing as we reach the midway point in April. Day time temps are still in the 80's, and the water temps are in the high 60's.

Saguaro lake is kicking out the biggest fish of any lake around. Sight fishing is a good producer on calm days. The grass flats provide the most cover for these shallow bass, and that is where you will find most of them. Many of the post spawn fish are moving back to the staging areas, were you can catch them on points and ledges along the flats. For the post spawn fish, we are doing very well on dropshot rigs and senkos.

Lake Pleasant is the place to be for stripers, while the bass remain a little more sluggish. The stripers are coming off of main lake structure on cut bait. The bass we are catching, are in and around the shallow spawning bays.

Roosevelt is still pumping out good numbers as it always does in the spring. Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and senkos are catching these shallow bass out of the brush.

Bartlett lake is a great place to go for numbers, while the size isn't quite what we are getting on the other lakes. Jigs, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are pulling lots of fish out of this lake. Fish shallow, and look for rocky banks with good spawning habitat.

Arizona Fishing Guides Fishing Report 4/7 submitted (4/9/2012 3:53 am)
Another springtime full moon, and more great sight fishing. The spawning fish are still coming up in numbers, giving us lots of action.

Saguaro is still our top producer, pumping out more big fish this week. Sight fishing shallow on calm days has been our most productive technique. If the wind blows, suspending jerkbaits on rocky banks are catching some nice staging fish. The dropshot bite is improving as some of the fish are now moving off of their beds into the deeper water.

Roosevelt and Bartlett have both been good for numbers of fish. The fish on both of these lakes are shallow, so senkos and soft jerkbaits are taking numbers of these fish.

Lake Pleasant is the place to be for striper action. The deep bite has been good all week, with the fish being in the 30-70 ft range as they have been through all of March. The sight fishing can also be phenominal out here with the ultra clear water this lake offers.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 3/28 submitted (3/28/2012 8:29 pm)
The fishing continues to be fantastic. We are updating the gallery with some new fish pictures from this month to show some of the great big fish action we've been getting.

Saguaro is still the number one lake in the valley. Our guides are saying that they have never seen so many big fish cruising the shallows on any other lake ever before. We are getting most of our big fish by sight fishing with texas rigged plastics or blind casting weighless senkos on the shallow flats.

Roosevelt Lake is producing some nice fish for us as well. On one trip here this past week, we caught both a five pound smallmouth and a five pound largemouth back to back. Sight fishing shallow pockets and throwing jerkbaits on windy banks have been our best tactics at Roosevelt.

Canyon lake is currently a great destination for our trophy bass fishing trips. There are some giant bass cruising the shallows to spawn. Canyon will continue to improve as the weather gets warmer.

Lake Pleasant is showing some great striper action. We are catching numbers of stripers on cut bait fished vertically. It's a great way to fill the ice chest with fish or show a new angler or child a great time on the lake. We are also catching largemouth bass in the shallows around the north end of the lake.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 3/17 submitted (3/17/2012 10:27 pm)
We've been on one of the best sight fishing bites in years at Saguaro over the past week or two. The water is exceptionally clear, and the big fish are easy to see when the wind is calm. When the wind is blowing, jerkbaits and senkos are working very well. Fan casting around flats with grass and rock has been the key.

Roosevelt is producing numbers still. Jerkbaits, senkos, dropshot rigs, and alabama rigs are all putting good fish in the boat. The smallmouth are also moving up onto spawning beds out here, and we have been putting some nice smallies into the boat already.

Lake Pleasant has been the slowest moving of the lakes so far this spring. The stripers have started to move up into shallower water (30-50 ft), and are becoming easier to catch. The largemouth continue to stage and get ready for a major spawning wave soon.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 2/28 submitted (2/29/2012 12:32 am)
Spawn fishing has officially begun for the Arizona Fishing Guides.This morning we caught our first spawning fish of the year! While most of the big bass are still in a pre-spawn phase, we are seeing more and more fish pull up into the shallows every day.

Saguaro lake has been producing some very large fish, while numbers aren't great quite yet, they are improving steadily. The best techniques for these big fish have been dropshotting secondary points and fishing the Alabama Rig when the wind is blowing.

Lake Pleasant has been the best Lake for deep action. Some largemouth are coming out of 30-40 feet, and the stripers are biting about twice that deep. The water here is exceptionally clear, so the bed fishing this season is looking like it will be a lot of fun.

Roosevelt Lake seems to be the best lake for numbers right now. For a full day trip, it is definetely worth the drive. Fish are being caught both shallow and deep right now on Roosevelt. Jerkbaits, senkos, dropshot rigs, and crankbaits are all producing lots of fish for our guides out here.

Our guide Zach Foreman has been on the trout up north. On a recent trip this weekend, Zach's clients hooked into several above average Rainbow's on the fly. Streamers and indicator rigs are doing the trick for Zach and his clients.

Make sure to book early for our spring fishing trips.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 2/14 submitted (2/14/2012 9:12 pm)
Spring time is around the corner, and we are very excited for our busiest time of year! The weather this winter has been exceptionally warm, and we expect an earlier spawn than usual. Currently, our lakes are producing some nice pre spawn fish, and they are pushing shallower every day.

Saguaro Lake has been a good bet recently. The spoon bite is still producing some nice mixed bags of largemouth and yellow bass. Dropshotting roboworms and ripping suspending jerkbaits have also been productive techniques.

Lake Pleasant is also another good pick right now. The largemouth are moving into the backs of creeks, and we are picking them off with small swimbaits and dropshot rigs. As usual, there are also stripers and white bass following the shad around the creeks.

Sight fishing is right around the corner, so make sure to call us an book early for the spring!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 1/8 submitted (1/8/2012 5:17 pm)
As 2012 begins, we are being blessed with some incredible weather. For the past couple weeks, and atleast for the next week looking ahead, we've seen high's in the 70's and sunny skies. This has helped our fishing remain stable, and fairly predictable.

Lake Pleasant is the best lake going for numbers of quality fish. The best bite is still shallow, early in the mornings and later in the afternoons. We are catching some great white, striped, and largemouth bass in the backs of the major feeding creeks during these times. Small swimbaits, jerkbaits, and even topwater baits are taking these fish.

Saguaro and Canyon Lakes are good bets right now if you like to fish deep. Jigging spoons worked between 30-60 ft are nailing some fish on these two canyon inpoundments. Canyon was stocked with trout this past Tuesday, so this is the lake for a giant bass if you would like to join us on a trophy bass trip.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 12/24 submitted (12/24/2011 6:35 pm)
The weather has been very stable, and so has the action this week. We are seeing good action on a few of our Desert Inpoundments, and even better weather..

Lake Pleasant continues to be our hot spot. Not only is the deep striper bite strong and steady, our impressive white bass population has moved into the backs of the major feeder creeks to spawn. We are taking some huge whites and also nice largemouth and stripers up shallow on fast moving lures. The bite is steady through most of the day, but really heats up in the afternoon and evening. If planning a trip with us soon on Pleasant, we would suggest an afternoon/sunset trip.

Canyon Lake continues to produce big bass. This week, we picked up a few bass over 6 lbs, including an 8 pounder on Trout Imitation Swimbaits. If you are an experienced angler looking for a trophy fish, call us and ask about this particular trip.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 12/11 submitted (12/12/2011 6:36 pm)
With all of the Holiday Visitors, we are gladly staying very busy and spending lots of time on water this month.. Thankfully, the fish have chosen not to go on vacation, and we are seeing some good action on some of our fisheries.

Canyon Lake is the best choice for an experienced angler looking to land a trophy bass. These giant fish are cruising their deep water haunts waiting for an unsuspecting Rainbow Trout to swim by. We are tackling some of these trophy's with heavy gear and trout imitation swimbaits.

For an angler just looking to have a good time and catch lots of fish. Lake Pleasant is the ideal destination right now. The deep striper bite is still very good, and very consistent. Let us take you out here and all you will have to worry about is reeling in your next fish!

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 11/20 submitted (11/20/2011 4:20 pm)
The deep bite is getting really hot all around our state right now.. We still have some fish up shallow in our lakes, but a large majority of the bass are really gathering up down deep, and we had some great trips this week targeting these fish.

The spoon bite at Roosevelt has been phenominal. Yesterday, one of our guides reported his day on the water as the best day of spoon fishing all year long. Look for these fish to stay dialed into these shad and on our jigging spoons for the next month atleast.

Bartlett lake has been a bit tougher this week, the numbers are slowing down and the water is falling slightly. If you do decide to fish Bartlett, fast moving baits are still the way to go. Try crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and rattletraps.

Lake Pleasant is producing some nice largemouth up shallow on swimbaits, and also some very nice largemouth and stripers down deep on jigging spoons. The stripers we are catching are above average size, with the occasional giant.

Canyon lake is still the place to go for a giant largemouth bass. These big fish continue to feed on trout, and we are catching some monsters on trout imitation swimbaits. It the swimbait bite is slow, there are still some nice bass falling for jigging spoons in 30-40 ft.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 11/14 submitted (11/14/2011 9:33 pm)
We've been taking advantage of the nice cool weather here in Phoenix, as have the bass. They are starting to really feed up for the cooler months, and when you run into a school, you can load the boat in a hurry.

Roosevelt is pumping out some nice fish, including lots of big smallmouth bass. Smallmouth really love the cooler weather, and we are finding more active smallmouth around the deep clear areas on the main lake this time of year. Our trips on this lake have been consisting of an early shallow bite, followed by lots of deep schooling fish later in the day.

Bartlett lake is giving up lots of crankbait and spinnerbait fish. We are sticking to shallow rocky areas and covering lots of water to pick up fish out here.

The swimbait bite is getting good on Lake Pleasant. The water out here in on the rise, and we are doing very well on both largemouth and stripers up shallow on small to medium sized swimbaits in shad patterns. We have also picked up some very nice stripers in 40-60 ft of water with 1 ounce jigging spoons.

Saguaro and Canyon are the hot spots if you are looking for a giant bass right now. Both of these lakes have been location of recent trout stockings. The biggest bass in both of these lakes will be feeding heavily on trout for the next few months. If you would like a shot at the bass of a lifetime, let us take you on a trophy bass adventure on either lake. 8" Huddleston and Spro Swimbaits have been our best producers thus far this swimbait season.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 11/4 submitted (11/4/2011 4:47 pm)
The weather is really cooling down, which is always a good thing here in Arizona! All of our lakes are full of shad, and the bass are hot on them...

Roosevelt has still been on of our top producers. This is a fun place to fish right now, as we are able to catch fish both deep and shallow. If you are after topwater action, this is still a great bet. Topwater walking baits like Zara Spooks and Buzzbaits are still catching some really nice fish. The deep bite is still very good as well, 30-40 ft of water is key for this. Fish dropshot rigs and jigging spoons around schools of baitfish for the best results.

Saguaro Lake is pumping out some big topwater fish. If you are after quality right now, Saguaro is a great lake to be fishing. Big walking topwater baits early in the morning and lake in the evening fished around shad are calling up some monster bass. Mid-day, fish soft plastics and jigging spoons around deep dropoffs and humps for more good action.

Bartlett lake is producing good numbers. Shallow crankbaits around specific types of rock are the best bet for catching lots of fish. If you are after the better than average fish in Bartlett, make sure you stick to spinnerbaits or topwater baits.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 10/17 submitted (10/17/2011 6:41 pm)
Roosevelt is still extremely hot. We have had mulitple 50 fish days this week out here, and the bite is still going strong. Topwaters early, and deep jigging spoons and dropshot rigs are doing the trick later in the day. The quality has also been getting better, with fish up to 7.5 lbs being caught on our trips this week.

Bartlett is still pumping out big numbers. Crankbaits on the bank, and topwater baits thrown into chasing fish are catching most of the fish.

Saguaro is producing some big fish. The key to this lake right now is fishing at first light or right before dark. If you can catch the late afternoon/evening bite, you can experience some awesome topwater action.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 10/9 submitted (10/9/2011 6:22 pm)
We are experiencing some great weather and great fishing right now. Roosevelt and Bartlett are still hot, and Saguaro is really starting to come around again.

The fish on Roosevelt are in large schools, and are catchable both deep and shallow. The topwater bite is going on all day with buzzbaits, poppers, and walking style baits. If you are after big time numbers, fishing for deep schooling bass is the ticket with jigging spoons and dropshot rigs.

Bartlett Lake has also been one of our favorite destinations through October. We are catching big numbers of fish up shallow on medium diving crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and dropshot rigs. This is a great place for a new angler to go out and hone their skills right now.

Saguaro Lake is starting to kick back into shape. We are nailing some big fish out here early on topwater baits, and later in the day on soft plastics and jerkbaits.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 10/3 submitted (10/3/2011 11:37 pm)
Fall topwater fishing, does it get any better? The lakes are through their summer/fall transition and we can now focus on catching the fall fish we've waited on all year.

Lake Roosevelt is the hottest thing going as of right now. We had a few trips last week with huge numbers of bass, mostly on topwater walking baits, but also some nice fish schooling in deep water. If you've got a full day to spend on the water, this is our number one choice as the moment.

Right behind Roosevelt is the bite at Bartlett Lake. The bite out here has also been very good for numbers. On our two trips out here last week, we managed quite a few nice bass on crankbaits and dropshot rigs. If you live closer to Phoenix or Scottsdale, and a half day trip is easier to manage, Bartlett Lake is your best bet this week.

Saguaro and Canyon Lakes are producing big fish, but not quite the numbers we are seeing on the two lakes previously mentioned. The summertime traffic is slowing down on these two lakes, and we should be in for a really good fall bite out here soon.

Arizona Fishing Report 9/19 submitted (9/19/2011 6:06 pm)
We can feel the fall season coming.. Daytime temps are now in the 90's and water temps are on their way down to the ideal 70's we wait for all summer. Oftentimes, this transitional time of year can mean a tough week or two of fishing until the fish adjust to the cooler temps and move back into the creeks and bays on our lakes. However, not all lakes go though this process at the same time, and we are lucky enough to be close to several lakes meaning we always have somewhere to go where they will be biting.

Saguaro Lake has been pretty consistent through september, great quality but slightly fewer numbers of fish than we've been averaging this summer. If you are after a giant bass, this is a great place to be right now. Topwater baits, jerkbaits, and crankbaits are catching the majority of the fish out here.

Bartlett Lake continues to produce great numbers of fish. Jigs, dropshot rigs, topwaters, and crankbaits are all producing lots of fish. The key out here is finding the schools of shad, and the bass will be nearby.

Roosevelt Lake has been very hit or miss. We've had some outstanding days out here this month, and also a few tougher days. Expect the fish to be stacking up big time here within the next week or two. On this lake, when they gather in the massive fall schools, record setting days are the norm.

Arizona Fishing Report submitted (8/29/2011 11:11 pm)
We saw some incredibly hot weather this week, hopefully for the last time this year as the cooler fall season is getting closer. The hot weather allowed us some good early morning fishing this week, but made the afternoon and evening time bite pretty tough. The time to go is still early, but as soon as we get some slightly cooler weather, the evening bite should turn back on.

Saguaro and Canyon are producing good size and decent numbers. We have caught a ton of fish over 5 lbs out of these lakes over the past few weeks, the big fish are showing up right now. Topwaters, spoons, dropshot rigs, and jerkbaits are all taking these bigger fish depending on the conditions.

Lake Roosevelt has finally hit it's stride. We had a couple great days up here this week, and the bite is all over the lake. The fish are schooled up on structure, and you can catch a bunch in a hurry when you get on them.

Arizona Fishing Report 8/22 submitted (8/22/2011 9:55 pm)
This past week on Saguaro and Canyon have still been above average. We are catching lots of 3-5 pound bass on topwater baits early in the morning and later in the evening. Dropshot rigs, shakey head rigs, and jigging spoons are still good producers through the warmer periods of the day. The key has been matching the size of the shad with your bait, and finding active fish feeding on baitfish. Flats in 8-20 ft of water and main lake points and reefs are the best bets.

Lake Pleasant is fishing tough this week, as the water is dropping extremely fast. Look for the bite to pick up out here when the water stabilizes and the fish move into the backs of the creeks for the early fall bite. Hopefully we start seeing signs of this within the next couple weeks. There is still a deep striper bite, but it is very timing specific and you may need to sit on a spot for a period of time before a school moves through.

Bartlett lake is still consistent for numbers of average fish. Crankbaits, topwaters, and dropshot rigs are prodicing out here. Find schools of baitfish here and you will be on the bass quickly.

We plan on spending some extra time on Roosevelt this week to get a feel of what we can expect on this lake in September. This can be an amazing place to fish in the late summer/early fall for both quality and numbers.

Arizona Fishing Report 8/9 submitted (8/9/2011 5:48 pm)
The late summer big fish bite is here. Quantity of largemouth is still good, and quality is on the rise.

The early morning at both Saguaro and Canyon are both spectacular for topwater action. Small walking baits and rico's are tearing up the bass for the first two hours of daylight. Once the sun is up high, switching to dropshot rigs and jigging spoons is the way to go to keep the good action going.

Lake Pleasant is really coming around, and we are getting more stripers and largemouth out of surface boils. Topwater baits and swimbaits are the best choice out here. If the wind is calm, and visibilty is good on the surface, you are likely to have great action all morning or evening.

Arizona Fishing Report 7/27 submitted (7/29/2011 1:37 am)
The action is still on fire at Saguaro. We've been pushing this lake hard, for good reason.. Mornings and evenings are both great. The numbers are good and we are also picking up some giant bass mixed in with the schooling bass. Topwaters, jerkbaits, scrounger heads and dropshot rigs are all working well depending on time of day.

Canyon Lake is also a great bet right now. We had a couple stellar night fishing trips this week out here for big bass. Topwater poppers and chatterbaits are taking these fish before the sun goes down. After dark, dropshot and texas rigged big worms are doing damage on the steep walls that this lake is known for.

Arizona Fishing Report 7/20 submitted (7/20/2011 10:55 pm)
We're seeing the best topwater action of the summer so far this week. On a trip to Saguaro this morning, we had topwater action through an entire half day trip. From here on out for the rest of the summer, the topwater bass should get easier and easier to catch as the shad continue to grow bigger. Scrounger heads tipped with zoom flukes and topwater walking baits are nailing the bass while they chase shad.

Lake Pleasant is also a good bet for surface action right now. The stripers, whites, and largemouth are all chasing shad early in the morning and later in the evening.

Bartlett lake is steady, with a great dropshot bite through the day, and a solid topwater and crankbait bite at first light and dusk.

Roosevelt is producing fish, but the bite here is not quite in full swing. We expect August to be the month Roosevelt goes off.

Arizona Fishing Report 7/11 submitted (7/12/2011 3:39 am)
Monsoon season has arrived, and the fish don't mind one bit. All local lakes are producing large numbers of fish with some good quality mixed in. The pattern is still topwater early followed by deep schooling fish later in the day.

Saguaro, Pleasant, and Bartlett lakes are all fishing above average. Small topwater baits fished over shallow points and flats are doing the trick in the morning. The deep fish are falling for dropshot rigged roboworms and jigging spoons.

The pike on Lake Mary continue to improve. Big spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and buzzbaits are catching pike all day long.

Arizona Fishing Report 6/21 submitted (6/21/2011 9:35 pm)
Fishing is still hot, and we are spending every day on the water to take advantage of it. Both the morning and evening bite are productive, and as this full moon fades away, the morning bite should continue to get better.

Saguaro is still our first choice at the moment. The bite out here hasn't changed much over the past few weeks. Topwater early followed by soft plastics in deeper water through the day.

Lake Pleasant is a great choice for chasing boils early in the morning. We are catching a nice mix of largemouth, stripers, and white bass here. Topwaters and small swimbaits have been the best baits.

Arizona Fishing Report 6/7 submitted (6/8/2011 1:59 am)
Another week of solid fishing. Water temps are reaching the high 70's and the summertime spots are loading up with more fish every day.

Saguaro Lake is producing good numbers and quality. Several fish over 4 pounds were taken on our trips this week at Saguaro, including 2 bass over 5 pounds on one trip. Most of these fish are coming on dropshot rigged plastics in 10-20 ft of water on key points.

Lake Pleasant is producing great topwater action early in the morning, followed by a good deep structure bite in the afternoon. We are seeing lots of stripers on the topwater bite, and the structure bite is producing some big largemouth with lots of 2-3 pounders also mixed in.

Bartlett Lake has turned in some unblelievable numbers of fish on our recent trips, although not much size. If you are after numbers of 1-2 pound bass, this place is on fire. Crankbaits and worms are the ticket here.

On a cooler note, the Pike Fishing at Flagstaff's Lake Mary is getting good. If you are staying up north, or would just like a day of great fishing in the cooler temps, ask us about this beautiful and action packed trip.

Arizona Fishing Report 5/29 submitted (5/29/2011 7:34 pm)
The weather is getting hotter, and the fishing is also starting to catch fire... Saguaro, Bartlett, Canyon and Roosevelt are all producing great action...with the boils at Lake Pleasant just around the corner.

Saguaro and Canyon Lakes produced a ton of bass between 3-6 lbs this week on soft plastics and jigs. Summer time holding areas are the key, with the fish sitting in about 10-20 ft of water gorging on shad, bluegill, and crawfish.

Bartlett remains good for numbers. Most of these fish are coming on shakey head plastics, or crankbaits with a little topwater action mixed in.

On one of our trophy bass fishing trips at Roosevelt this week, we hooked into a few huge bass, including a 10+ pounder that shook the hook right at the boat. We would love another shot at her this week!

Arizona Fishing Report 5/22 submitted (5/22/2011 6:31 pm)
With some nice, cool weather late this spring, many of these desert bass continue to surprise us by remaining in their spring fishing holes, while some are funneling out to the summer structure areas.

Last weeks fishing was totally dependant on the weather... Following consistent days of warm weather, the fish really cooperated and we had great results. However, the front that moved in mid week tested us, and the fish became a little more hesitant. Thankfully, we are looking at much more stable weather over the next few weeks, and we see the bite opening up big time.

Canyon Lake was our best fishery this week for both numbers and size. Most of the fish are coming on chatterbaits, shakey heads, and a few still sight fishing.

Roosevelt also produced a 30+ fish day this week for one of our guides on a guided trip. Most of their fish came on senkos and spinnerbaits in the shallow brush. This lake is hot, and will remain good all summer if you are thinking of doing a night or evening fishing adventure with us.

Arizona Fishing Guides Report 5/8 submitted (5/9/2011 12:34 am)
Most of the bass and stripers on all lakes are feeding back up after the spawn, and gorging on shad and bluegill. The bite has been good on both Saguaro and Pleasant, as well as Roosevelt.

At Pleasant, the stripers are moving up shallow and can be caught on fast moving reaction baits including swimbaits and topwater lures. The deep bite remains steady, but more fish are moving shallow daily.

Saguaro and Canyon are still producing a few big bedding largemouth for the sight fishing enthusiasts. However, many of the spawned out bass are congregating on their typical offshore structure haunts, making them easy targets for us. these fish are hitting topwater lures early and late in the day, as well as plastics worms while the sun is up high.

Arizona Fishing Report 5/2 submitted (5/2/2011 11:06 pm)
The stripers at Pleasant are still hitting deep. A few Pleasant trips this week resulted in a sub par largemouth bite, but excellent striper fishing. Some stripers are starting to move shallower, but most are coming from 20-70 feet of water.

Saguaro and Canyon have been good producers for big bass. Jerkbaits, dropshotted plastics, and some topwaters are pulling these fish out through the day. A 13 pound largemouth was caught at Saguaro Sunday.

Roosevelt is probably the best option for getting numbers of largemouth, but the quality has been a little less than what we've been catching at Canyon and Saguaro.

Pleasant and Canyon are also great pics for our "carp on the fly" trip at the moment. Early last week, we had two very succesfull days of carp fishing.

AFG Fishing Report 4/23 submitted (4/24/2011 2:54 am)
The bass are still up shallow, and cooperating well. Many of the bass in our Central Arizona Lakes are finishing up with the spawn, and remain in the shallow to guard their fry. We have been pulling in good numbers of quality fish with soft plastic baits such as senkos and jigs. What excited us the most however, is our first taste of topwater action of 2011. A few of our trips this week at both Saguaro and Roosevelt Lakes started with a good topwater bite for the first hour or so of the morning.

We expect the topwater bite, as well as the deep bite for largemouth to start picking up more and more over the coming weeks. with this being said, we are running out of time to bed fish for largemouth, so if you are looking for a great sight fishing day call us soon!

AZ Fishing Report 4/11 submitted (4/12/2011 4:54 am)
We are coming off of a great week of fishing here in Central Arizona. Preceding the cold front that hit on the 8th, we had some great days on both largemouth and stripers at Lake Pleasant, and largemouth on Saguaro Lake. We are not getting back to regular spring temperatures, and the bass are waking back up.

Sight fishing largemouth has been the most productive technique. The big bass are also falling for soft plastics and spinnerbaits in the shallows. On Lake Pleasant, we are doing some damage on the stripers fishing deep, although we expect the big stripers to be eating on the surface within the next month or so.

This week we are expecting the great action to continue at both Saguaro and Pleasant with the warming weather, and we expect Canyon Lake to be turning on very soon.

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