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Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report submitted (9/1/2017 12:09 am)
Lake Pleasant is a blast right now. The stripers fishing is awesome with lots of topwater action in the morning and up until early afternoon. While fishing the topwater do not be surprised when you catch a largemouth bass as they are being caught in the middle of the striper boils. You can catch a lot at night right now under a black light with anchovies. We have had a few half day trips with over 75 fish.

Bartlett Lake is still doing great lots of fish coming on reaction baits in the day but slowing down at night.

Saguaro Lake, Congratulations to Arizona Fishing Guides Scooter Griffith and Jim Sandy for their Summer Night championship win. They finished out with three five pounders in their bag and were all caught on an Arizona Custom Baits drop shot worm in Scooters Special. The bite during the day is pretty good on frogs then switch to deep diving crankbaits as the sun comes up.

Canyon lake right now the fishing is best up the river. The most productive trips up there are when throwing the Livingston lures New cherrypicker jerkbait.

Fall Fishing is coming, be sure to get your trips booked today

August Fishing Report submitted (8/5/2017 11:05 am)
Saguaro has been good. We are seeing a few fish chasing bait early in the morning when the water is moving. You can catch them on jerkbaits and some topwater. After the reaction bite slows dropshot and shakeyhead have been the best bite in the 10 to 15 feet of water range. When slowing down the Blue Neon shad from Arizona Custom Baits has been the best bait.

Bartlett has been great for numbers and is a great lake for introducing someone to fishing and keeping the kids entertained. Small crankbaits and some topwater early in the morning. Once the sun gets high switch to Texas rigged brush hogs or crawdads to keep the fish biting.

Lake Pleasant, the striper bite has been hit or miss however the Largemouth bite is still pretty consistent. Use a dropshot or senko type bait in the deep trees.

Roosevelt and Apache are still going strong with some topwater first thing in the morning. Once the topwater bite slows look for the birds and start watching your graphs for the deeper schools. Once you find them drop a spoon and get ready for some exciting action.

May Fishing Report submitted (5/30/2017 8:48 pm)
Summer is in full effect here in Arizona along with some of the hottest fishing.

Lake Pleasant is producing some good bags of stripers and white pass along with the occasional trophy Largemouth.

These Fish can be caught on moving baits such as swimbaits hard jerkbaits topwater and Alabama rigs. We have been catching most of our fish in the river or the North coves in 5 to 30 ft.

Bartlett has been showing its true potential in numbers of fish. Lots of boiling fish first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Be sure to break out your favorite top water baits and those baits that you can throw a long ways to reach out the boils that are just out of touch.

Roosevelt Lake i just getting over the spawn which means most of the fish can be caught on senkos and soft jerkbaits around the trees. Do not be afraid to throw top water baits as the occasional topwater fish is always good and rewarding.

Canyon Lake is finishing up with their spawn as well. The Fish can be caught on drop shot and senkos. Most of the fish are on the edge of the flats and around the grass in about 5 to 15 foot of water.

Apache Lake and Saguaro Lake have been showing signs of golden algae. The fishing is still good and will probably remain so as long as we do our part as Anglers. Do not keep fish in your Livewell and transport them around the lake just to take pictures of them later. Just catch them, take a quick picture and release where you caught them. Arizona Game and Fish is doing their part and fixing the problem that we are having. All of us at the Arizona fishing guides have confidence in their programs to help fix our resources for future generations to come.

Be sure to call and book your Fathers Day reservation or buy a gift certificate for that special father in your life.

February Fishing Report submitted (2/19/2017 10:35 am)
With the seasons starting to change, it is time to spring into action and book your guided fishing trip today. Lets kick this fishing report off by going out to Lake Pleasant. Lake Pleasant is fishing a little tougher than normal this time of year. The stripers are there along with the largemouth but seem to be in that transition period of coming out of the deep water and moving into the shallower water. These Fish can be caught on long points and channel breaks.

Our second lake is going to be Bartlett Lake. This lake is always good this time of year however right now with the anticipation of storms over the next week they are letting out a lot of water from Horseshoe and Bartlett Lake and this has the water levels fluctuating . While this is happening it will be a little bit tougher to catch them but look for boulders just under the surface that the sun will start to warm up on those bright sunny days. Throw reaction baits such as chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and small cranks. After that bite, slow down and throw shakeyhead and dropshot.

We will combine Saguaro and Canyon has our third and fourth Lake. These two Lakes typically fish the same. The fish are farther along in the spawning mode than any other lake in in the Phoenix area. They are still not quite spawning yet but are on the move from those 50 and 60 foot depths. A great way to catch these fish is to follow the bait fish and target the active feeders that are feeding up before the spawn.

The last two lakes that we will cover together will be Apache and Roosevelt. Apache is fishing great right now with reaction baits in the morning then slowing down in the afternoon with a jig or dropshot on those days that just do not have any wind. Roosevelt Lake is rising everyday and as it does the fish will move up Shallow and try to get into that warmer water as they also want to spawn. So be sure to target the hard bottoms and flat contours.

Feel free to like share or comment on any of our social media we would love to hear from you and see your great fish pictures

December Fishing Report submitted (12/6/2016 10:19 pm)
Arizona Fishing Guides Fishing Report
Unlike the weather here in Arizona the fishing is really starting to heat up with all of the wintertime patterns. Be sure to give that special outdoorsman or outdoors woman in your family the perfect gift, a trip with the Arizona Fishing Guides. Gift Certificates are available.

Bartlett lake - with a temperature dropping Bartlett Lake still tends to fish pretty shallow. Reaction Bates and a dropshot up close to the bank is typically your best bet. Once the sun rises and is up high fish around the rocks to keep the bites going. If the water is not rising, the muddy water has been the most productive.

Lake Pleasant- the water is rising which tends to push the bait fish back into the northern banks and up into the shallows. Get to the northern banks and throw swimbaits and jerkbaits. We have been getting lucky and still finding a topwater bite. The Largemouth are still going to be a little bit deeper and hanging around some of the rocks, When you find them there throw a shaky head or dropshot to get them into the boat. Arizona Custom Baits makes some of the best dropshot worms for Lake Pleasant.

Apache Lake- If you do not mind the drive, the numbers are there and this lake is fishing great. Smallmouth are being caught on jerkbaits and small swimbaits. The largemouth however, have moved into the deeper waters and into that winter pattern. Fish deep throwing spoons, dropshot and jigs.

Canyon and Saguaro Lake- these two Lakes are fishing about the same and you can always go and throw the big baits first thing in the morning until about mid morning. There is always a chance of catching a giant fish. Sometimes they are few and far between but when you get one it is usually a pretty big one. When you are going for numbers or taking kids fishing, these are the lakes to hit. Some of the most fun fishing we have had this year has been in the last couple of weeks spooning off of deep points that touch the channel and throwing swimbaits with a tiny jig head in deep water. The fish are moving a lot but they are staying together they will either be in 20 to 30 feet of water or 50 to 70 feet of water. Use the graphs to find them.

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