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Arizona Fishing Guides - Fishing with Johnny Johnson

Arizona Best Fishing Guides: Johnny Johnson
Fishing with Johnny Johnson
Growing up in the beautiful White Mountains of Northern Arizona, Johnny Johnson has spent his in entire life in the outdoors. Living next to several lakes and having nothing else to do with his time, Johnny started fishing. His love for the sport only grew, so much that he opened his own fishing store at the age of 18. His parents ran the fishing store while Johnny spent his time on the water. Johnny went on to win in local tournaments, and began to make his name known in state tournaments. Then it happened... In 1997 he saw an auction on the local channel and thought it would be cool to show people on the mountain what he's learned. So boom!! Now he has his very own fishing show. Johnny's a fun loving guy who acts like every fish catch is his first one. His show airs every Sunday morning on Fox Sports Net, and is watched by over Five Million Viewers. Known for his unique laugh, and hilarious antics, Johnny also has an incredible amount of knowledge of bass behavior and can catch them with the best.
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